These tests, involving anatomy and cytopathology, molecular biology or imaging (radiology and nuclear medicine) are prescribed by the oncologist, whether a surgeon, medical oncologist or radiotherapist. The Centre Léon Bérard offers all these tests on one single site. While many advances have been made over the past five years in the field of cancer treatment, the same is true for tumor diagnosis and care, thanks to increasingly precise equipment that requires fewer contrast products, and access to advances in genomics, with tumor DNA sequencing, in clinical trials such as the PROFILER trial, designed and coordinated by the Centre Léon Bérard.

Some Key Figures for Diagnostics


21,226 anatomic procedures
2,789 cytology procedures
111,480 slides produced
3,536 molecular biology procedures


Breast cancer
4,509 mammograms
1,887 breast ultrasound scans
201 stereotactic biopsies
716 ultrasound-guided biopsies

Non-breast cancer
4,017 ultrasound scans
15,487 standard X-rays
7,260 scanner uses
4,441 MRI scans

Nuclear Medecine

11,540 procedures
in total
Gamma camera
4,083 diagnostic procedures
102 therapeutic procedures
PET scan
7,355 procedures