Transfer research and innovation

Transfer research is the essential link between basic research, which helps to understand crucial biologic mechanisms leading to tumours, and clinical research which is directly carried out with patients.

The department of transfer research and innovation of the Centre Léon Bérard, ran by Patrick Mehlen, develops multidisciplinary works, from biology to human and social sciences, to surgery or radiotherapy.

1 major objective: speed up scientific findings and their implementation on patients, to get a more and more personalized medicine which can be tailored to different types of tumours, but also to each patient. 

Did you know ?

Transfer research at the Centre Léon Bérard aims to shape new knowledges of biological mechanisms which are behind the development of a cancer, into concrete implementation in the medical field (new drugs, new diagnostical or prognostical tests, development of surgery equipment, radiotherapy, interventional imaging…)


The department of transfer research and innovation of the Centre Léon Bérard includes 3 different structures:

6 research teams:

Medical Practice Evaluation – Director Prof Isabelle Ray-Coquard
Radiotherapy team -Créatis, UMR CNRS 5220, Inserm U 1044 - Director David Sarrut.
Genetic polymorphism group - Director David Cox
Experimental surgery Institute - Unité 1032 LabTau – Director Prof Michel Rivoire
Translational Research laboratory - Director Pierre Saintigny
Cancer and environment Unit - Director Dr Béatrice Fervers

4 technology platforms:

Centre for Drug Discovery and Development (C3D)- Director Stéphane Giraud.
Innovation in Immune Monitoring and Immunotherapy (P3I) - Director Christophe Caux
Tumour Model Laboratory - Director Isabelle Godard
Tumour Characterization Platform – coordinated by Pierre Saintigny. This platform includes the Biological Resources Centre, the Cancer Genomics Group, the Gilles-Thomas Bioinformatics Platform, as well as the Anatomical Pathology research group

1 administration and financial unit

– Director Marina Rousseau Tsangaris

This unit is in charge of the operational organization, the management of large projects, dissemination, administration and financial management. 


Transfer research in the Centre Léon Bérard, as much as basic research and clinical research performed on site, is closely related to the LYRIC (Lyon Research Innovation for Cancer) integrated centre for oncology.

The experimental surgery Institute and the radiotherapy team develop works which compose the 3rd program of the LYRIC ‘targeting macroscopic tumours: Image guided local treatment’.

Three platforms connected to the department: Gilles-Thomas Bioinformatics Platform, C3D platform and the Tumour Model Laboratory were created thanks to the grant of the Synergy Lyon Cancer foundation to meet a strong need from the medico-scientific community of Lyon. 

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