In association with Claude-Bernard Lyon 1 University and, more specifically, the faculties of medicine and pharmacy, six university professors – hospital practitioners (PU-PH), one pharmacy professor, one university lecturer - hospital practitioner (MCU-PH) and some twenty practitioners train internal and external hospital students in oncology every year, as well as doctors and pharmacists who operate outside the CLB. These training schemes run within the university teaching framework (PCEM, DCEM, DES, DESC, DFMS, DFMSA) and  graduate training at university level (DU, DIUE, AEU and EPU). Furthermore, a teaching director from the dental faculty organises training in oral and dental surgery. The teaching department of the Centre Léon-Bérard also organises internships for medical students in conjunction with the human resources department. Every 3 months, the Centre Léon-Bérard also takes on 20 "external" interns.



Once again in conjunction with Claude-Bernard Lyon 1 University, university degree courses are on offer, with a Bachelor’s degree equivalent (M1) in "Genetics and Cell Biology", and "The Tumour Cell and its Environment" in the field of oncology; this degree is geared towards Health students, as well as science students. The same course is available as a Master’s (M2) which corresponds to a course of conferences at the Centre Léon Bérard.

The onsite Research labs, including the laboratories of Lyon’s Cancer Research Centre, take on M1 and M2 students on a variety of different degree courses: "Genetics and Cell Biology”, “Biochemistry”, and “Public Health”. The Research laboratories take on students writing their thesis, essentially from the Ecole Doctorale Biologie Moléculaire Intégrative et Cellulaire (Integrative and Cellular Molecular Biology) and the Ecole Doctorale Interdisciplinaire Sciences-Santé or EDISS (Interdisciplinary Science and Health).


The CLB offers logistics facilities to organise training courses with multimedia rooms, a medical library in association with the university library and access to international reviews via the Intranet network.

Teaching aids are regularly produced such as CD-ROMs, films, and written documents. The different sectors concerned are Anatomopathology, Plastic Surgery and Visceral Surgery, Radiology, Standards Options Recommendations, Radiotherapy and Paediatrics.

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