Commercialization - Patents and biotech

The CLB, recognized for being the oncology reference center of the Rhône-Alpes region, is also an economic driver for the area.

Almost 500 researchers and clinicians work at the center on ambitious programs so that their innovations will become available to patients as soon as possible. Of these, some have already been successfully launched as part of the effort to create biotech companies: the most well-known of these is Erytech Pharma which was founded in 2005 at the CLB, and which was able to raise a record €30 million in 2014. Since 2010, three new biotechs have been founded based on discoveries made in research laboratories: Nétris Pharma, Neolys Diagnostics, and Tollys. The protocol for a phase I trial with anti-Netrin antibodies has been filed with the ANSM* by Nétris Pharma, and as June of 2016 a reply has yet to be received.

One of the hallmarks of the CLB is that on a single site it has ve ry active research programs, as well as first-rate healthcare facilities. This alliance fosters commercial development, which we actively encourage, with research programs that are purposefully geared toward potential applications”, explains Jean-Yves Blay, Executive Director. “Our center is now a preferred site for establishing new biotech companies, as they can benefit from the expertise and the technical platforms of our teams”.

10 Patents

Between 2014 and 2016, ten patents were filed by the CLB (Coordinator), in partnership with the Inserm, the CNRS, as well as the Public Hospitals of Lyon.

These patents protect findings based on research at the CLB that resulted in:

• The identification of new therapeutic targets as well as predictive biomarkers for the response to inhibitors,

• The development of new diagnostic tools,

• The identification of new therapeutic combinations,

• The development of a way to potentiate the process of reprogramming pluripotency, as well as cell lines derived from new mouse models,

• The creation of an algorithm that allows patients to be stratified based on molecular parameters, so as to predict their response to treatments.

The implications of the patents by the CLB in terms of treatment of patients are substantial, both at the diagnostic level, and for predicting the response to treatments with new drugs or the combination of pharmaceuticals.



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