Innovation: a crucial value at the Centre Léon Bérard

Recognised for its expertise as a cancer referral and treatment facility, the Centre Léon Bérard has mastermindedCentre vue du ciel countless innovations from patient care to cancer diagnosis and treatment.
The CLB is able to offer a comprehensive range of care for all cancer patients by pooling the required skills on a single site for all stages of the disease.
Diagnosis and Treatment
Specialised in oncology, it grants patients access to the most innovative diagnosis and treatment.
As such, the CLB is one of the three largest French centres to sponsor clinical trials on cancer, with more than 200 open-label trial protocols and over 900 patients benefiting from one of these trials every year.

Labels and Expertise

Several projects spearheaded by the CLB have also been chosen in the context of the 2010 call for tenders issued by the French National Cancer Institute (INCa):
• A project entitled "Addressing the risk of excess weight gain or obesity via a nutritional programme combining suitable physical activity and a balanced diet in patients experiencing the first incidence of breast cancer treated by adjuvant chemotherapy”.
• A project entitled "Testing personalised care for patients during and after cancer".
• The CLB also comprises one of the 16 French centres to receive the CLIP2 label for Early-Phase Centres Labelled by the French National Cancer Institute (INCa) in order to facilitate patient access to innovative molecules in cancer treatment (find out more).
The CLB is recognised for its expertise by the French National Cancer Institute (INCa).
National Expert Reference Centre for Ovarian Cancer (Dr. Isabelle Ray Coquard)
National Expert Reference Centre for Sarcomas (Pr. Jean-Yves Blay)

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